Why Philosophy?

Provide a piece of evidence that shows your academic and writing skills.

Everyone questions; everyone wonders and ponders the question of life,Answering why life and why to an occurrence, why to existence.Science answers questions, science tells us why,Or does it?Can science answer everything?Can logic determine everything?Modern times often ignore these questions,Whether it’s because we have little time or just expect the answers to be blankly told to us.Life is complicated.Life is full of unanswerable questions; rhetorical thoughts.Yet philosophy is a course: it is studied.How can one study anything if there is no answer, no correct thought, no easy explanation, no a, b, c, or d answer, Questions with no specific answer but a bubble on the Scantron of life with “all of the above” as an option,Stories and people and proof that you are not alone in this confusing world,That everyone has answered the questions: adding more possible answers to your list,Making you choose whether you will fill in a bubble or write in the correct answer in the space provided.Life is not a multiple-choice question, but an essay question where one can go deeper into the true question at hand.The faculty of wonder,We all have this ability, but do we all truly use it?Philosophy isn’t complex,It’s simply looking at what we take for granted in life and pondering.Ancient philosophers were just like you and me,Suffering the trials of life, like you and me.All humans are given the Scantron of life and told to, before they leave this world — to have completed the test.Anyone can become a philosopher,Anyone can study it,We study it in life itself,No class necessary.Life itself is a philosophy course, all we have to do is open the textbook of thought and take notes in our head.After all, we all need to study for the final; the entrance into complete thought, into peace and serenity.Philosophy is just a fancy name for climbing the mountain of life — once we’re at the climax, we can look over the past, the present, and the steep incline back down.Without this climb, we have nothing to look forward to, nothing to keep us going.Even if one’s philosophy is determinism: it’s still their answer to why.We all need an answer to why.And the only way to answer this is to think and become your own philosopher.Myths.Myths are philosophies, myths answer why.Modern philosophies use science; myths are answers from those who cannot prove.Crazed thoughts can fill our head when we do not know why,So we create a reason why.That is all philosophy is.Some use religion to answer why; others think outside culture; outside belief.Myths use religion;Religion to answer how we got here, why we’re here, and is there anyone else, are we puppets, is there a puppeteer, can we cut our strings or are we forced to live controlled.The strings can be made of only fishing line, but it can feel like a steel chain. So people create reasons to why they act the way they do, and how they should act.Creation myths answer how we got here, answers why to existence.Each one using the knowledge of the time.Most include significant figures: the puppeteers.We realize that they are not to be taken literally, they are not history.Meager guesses.They explain how life began, how things came to be, explain the food chain and humans’ superiority in the world.People believe it all began with two humans who started the race,And temptation and evil entered the world because of their mistakes.Paradise cannot exist due to human nature,A utopia does not and cannot exist.Eden is simply an idea: a myth and addition to the test of life.It is simply a multiple-choice option.What will you choose: a, b, c, d, e, f… what is your answer? Will you write in the correct answer in the space provided, or choose one already presented in front of you?

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