Becoming a Model

A Learning experience that changed me.

It wasn’t my first audition, yet as I looked into the intimidating mirror, I needed to reassure myself: “You are Beyonce.” I gasped for oxygen as I entered the dimly lit room, attempting to calm the fire in my stomach, but listening to other contestants croak one pop song after another didn’t help my nervousness. Finally the judge called, “Next.” Composing myself, I began my rendition of Beyonce’s “Listen.” As I belted out the complicated riff at the climax, I knew I hit every note just as I’d practiced. As I finished, the corners of the judge’s mouth rose and he handed me a paper. “Good rendition of the song. Welcome to Dream Entertainment.”I left, screaming with joy, mistakenly thinking I had achieved my dream of becoming a model and singer. But soon I came to realize that I had merely begun a thorny and exhausting climb towards an even higher ambition. In order for the company to invest in me, I would need to market myself and prove that I could outshine my competitors.To push my limits, I attended additional training sessions beyond what was required. I took posture classes to walk in seven-inch heels, vocal lessons to enhance my tone, dance classes to improve my rhythm, and language classes to appeal to an international clientele. Through the assiduous training, I developed a new level of commitment, perseverance, and passion, learning to present myself as a well-rounded professional.Recently, I was one of ten models who competed for a swimwear commercial that was essential for my career. We were photographed jumping off a 10-foot waterfall into a freezing pool of water. As the other models layered on makeup to enhance their beauty during the underwater shots, I learned from prior mistakes and concentrated on modeling the product. I wore minimal makeup to enhance the natural beauty around me and the versatility of the product. The director demanded multiple angles and expressed dissatisfaction with many of the pictures. As the other models grew frustrated, I remained optimistic during every retake until the director was pleased. Ultimately, the director chose me for my ability to make the product shine.Since then, I’ve successfully applied the lessons from that professional modeling experience to other aspects of my life: professional networking, academic pursuits, and career. During my business internship, whenever the manager asked me to work extra hours or work outside of my responsibilities, I embraced it as a valuable professional experience. While dealing with unhappy customers, I adapted to deal with dissatisfaction. Ultimately, my manager gave me a permanent sales position and a detailed letter of recommendation.Starting my modeling career at a young age, I had serious doubts as to whether I would last. But following my dreams, I’ve gained greater insights into business, learning that hard work and determination leads to satisfactory results. As a student, I intend to put the same positive dedication into my academic endeavors.

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