My Caretaker

Describe your hometown and how it has this environment effected you. We would like to hear especially about a person who has influenced your life as well as the city of your hometown.

As a native of New York City, my use of the subway system is an inevitable aspect of life. By the age of five, riding the subway was not a new phenomenon for me. Day after day, I went many places with my mother and sister. Although these places remain vague in my memory, the recollection of my sister rescuing me in the mass transit system remains quite vivid.During the middle of one hot summer day, my mother, sister, and I were waiting for the F train to arrive. However, the much slower D train appeared first. The two train tunnels were on opposite sides of the platform, and my mother suggested that we go on the D train instead. Characterized by unwariness as a child, I ran into the train with much abandon. I scrambled to find the nearest seat in the middle of the train facing the window. A pile of regurgitated watermelon was lying on the floor in front of me. (The recollection of its repulsively pungent odor will never leave my mind.) Looking out the window, I wondered why my sister and mom were taking so long to come. As the doors closed, my sister noticed that I was in the train without them. Without uttering a single word, she pulled my mother’s hand and sprinted for the door. As the door closed in on her, she and my mother pulled the door open with all their might. Luckily, they were able to get me out in time. As I exited the train, I realized that if it had not been for my sister’s hasty act, I could have gotten lost or found myself in a more dire circumstance. This event will never leave my mind. It has made me more aware of how one small impulsive act can have a permanent impact on one’s life.My sister’s seemingly small act (which entailed saving me from a possibly traumatic experience) is indicative of the profound effect she has had on my life, watching over me as I grew up. As I grew up with a single mother and sister, life was arduous. We survived on food stamps and my mother often left us home alone in order to work long shifts. Consequently, my sister, who was only four years older than me, was compelled to become my primary caretaker. In hindsight, she was truly my guardian angel. She was the one who made sure I went to bed early, cooked for me, helped me with my homework, and even taught me proper etiquette. She has encouraged me to be independent; in doing so she has become the foundation of the person I am today. As a first generation college student, I want to take this opportunity to surpass the achievements of my family members and to set a new standard for my family. The morals and educational values my sister has instilled in me are simply small pieces of what I can give back to my community. With this great amount of knowledge that she has been bestowed upon me, I can teach the next generation to become more independent, to expect the unexpected, and to be polite. I can pass on all the knowledge my sister has afforded me, so that if they ever get stuck on the train alone, the thought of being lost or scared will not exist.

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