5,6,7,8 and My Future

Describe an activity, interest, experience or achievement in your life (this could be a book, movie or an activity or experience at work, home or school) that has been particularly meaningful to you.

My body felt as if it had run a hundred miles in 98 degree weather. I was standing in a blazing hot room surrounded by bright lights. An overwhelming feeling of fatigue filled my body. The room was surrounded by mirrors, so I couldn’t escape from myself for even a minute. A blanket of sleep fell over me. “That wasn’t good enough; you’re not trying your hardest!” my instructor said. A loud sigh permeated the room. The music started. I knew I would have to start moving. “Five, six, seven, eight!” my instructor shouted, and after she yelled “eight”, I pushed through the pain I felt and began to dance. The sport and art of dancing has given me more strength, not simply physical strength, but also mental strength. I started dancing at seven years old, so from the start, people have trained me to push through that overbearing feeling of not wanting to do something I need to do. This has given me the ability to choose homework over television, studying over napping, or even celery over pizza! Dance is an excellent way to learn; learn to learn quickly, learn to adapt to change, learn to listen, learn to watch, learn to pay attention, and learn to discipline myself. Dancing has also always given me confidence. With the Friday night lights of the varsity football games glaring down on me in the middle of the field, thousands of people stare at me. When the music starts, the only thing I have to work with is my body. When the song ends and I hit my last move, I finally smile and listen to the applause.Thanks to dance and all the characteristics I have gained from it, I can move into the future with determination and dedication.

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