Of the activities, interests and experiences listed on the previous page, which is the most meaningful to you, and why?

I worked for months to prepare for the Future Business Leaders of America (FBLA) state office election. I designed my flyers and baseball-style trading cards, delivered my speech to the 150 electors, and campaigned during the state conference, asking voters to “place their order for the Big Mac-Fadden.” Yet, tears trickled down my cheek when “Cassandra Mindt” flashed on the screen where “Craig McFadden” should have appeared. Although I lost the election, I was determined to continue to thrive in the organization. I reminded myself that the most valuable experiences don’t come without challenges.Four months later, I was rewarded with an invitation to serve on the nine-state Mountain Plains Region Membership Committee. The position was a platform to connect with students and community leaders at the national level. I was excited to utilize the leadership skills I had gained as Cavalier’s local chapter President to enhance membership and community service throughout the Mountain Plains region. I dedicated myself to the position, creating a member-recruitment video and coordinating the March to Denver fundraiser for the March of Dimes.My work with FBLA has required me to apply the knowledge learned in the classroom outside of the school environment. I put into practice the skills I developed on my high school’s TechTeam by teaching an online-safety course to the sixth-grade class. The room erupted in laughter as one student questioned if he could catch a virus from his computer, and I knew I had made a difference. Learning through service activities such as this, I appreciate the importance of accepting challenges and the opportunities that lie within.

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