Drawing Stregth From Weakness

How, in your life, have you drawn strenth from weakness?

How, in your life, have you drawn strength from weakness?Family turbulence, a new school, my grandmother’s illness – all have made me feel weak and sometimes hopeless, but I have emerged more emotionally secure and confident from those challenges.First, my parents have been married twice and divorced twice – to each other. Their dual divorce has forced me to experience the pain not once but twice, and I learned I must be tough to survive. Witnessing their marital turmoil has led me to recognize that love is pliable, and that trust and faithfulness are the key ingredients in any relationship.Second, I had to enter a new school halfway through my junior year. This was one of the most difficult things I have ever done. I had become accustomed to my small world inside a Christian school with a graduating class of five. The high school I now attend has a graduating class of over two hundred and fifty students. Walking through the halls my first day at Holly High School, I felt as though I was pushing my way through a sea of strangers. I held the tears in my eyes, forcing myself not to cry. I was completely overwhelmed but had to persevere, to adjust my self-perception and accept my new circumstances with head held high. Finally, I have also accepted a new challenge recently. Three years ago my grandmother was diagnosed with Alzheimer`s Disease. Today, she lives with us. Simple daily tasks have become impossible for her. She can no longer eat, walk or use the restroom without our assistance. This has impacted my family and my life drastically. It is terrible to see my grandmother forget memories and fail to recognize my face. She looks at my mother and does not see her daughter, but a stranger. She is a different person because this disease has taken over and stolen her body. I have been forced to watch the life of my grandmother slowly die. But this also has molded me into someone who appreciates life and all that it gives. Even something as simple as watching the leaves change their colors every fall is something I will cherish for the rest of my life.Because I have learned and become stronger from these and other challenges, I know that I am prepared for life at St. Mary`s College and the new trials it will pose. I look forward to sharing what I have learned with others and hearing about their own experiences. The weakness I once felt has led to a greater confidence in myself, and I know I am ready to thrive at St. Mary`s College.

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