Skidmore: A Bastion of Student Enthusiasm

Community and citizenship are strongly valued at Skidmore. Please comment on ways you feel you could contribute as a member of the Skidmore community.

Skidmore seems alive with student enthusiasm for social work and extracurricular pursuits. I would love to contribute my own ideas and energy to this community, as I have done in my school and neighborhood all my life. As a strong-willed six-year old boy, I marched into my first grade classroom, sporting a clip-on bow tie and synthetic blazer from Gymboree. It was the election day of 1994, and I was determined to lead Mario Cuomo to victory in my grade’s mock gubernatorial election. From the prestigious position of the Teacher’s chair, I eloquently lobbied my classmates to cast their ballots for the right man. Mario Cuomo won in a landslide; I was elated. This experience–my first in government and politics–sparked a strong fascination for public policy. During high school, positions in student government were scarce. Skidmore’s SGA boasts an openness and a sense of purpose that truly beckon me. Serving on the Student Senate or Executive Committee (hopefully a precursor to my future endeavors), I would afford tremendous effort to improving life at Skidmore.Whether it be Model UN or Young Democrats, of which I was a founding member, I have consistently bean a leader in my extracurricular endeavors. I have fiercely lobbied for African debt relief at the Yale Model UN, and I have appealed to Columbia Prep alumni for donations to the Young Democrats. At Skidmore, I will continue to be so proactive. I will also join clubs that reflect my academic interests, such as the Model European Union and the International Affairs Club. I feel that experiences such as these will ripen my skills in negotiation and situational analysis, thus readying me for forays in international diplomacy. Furthermore, I believe the college experience is incomplete without developing new interests. At Skidmore, I can streak down steep Adirondack slopes with the Alpine Ski Team and laboriously develop black-and-white portraits with the Photography Club.Since elementary school, I have engaged in various community service endeavors. I have visited paralyzed patients in hospital wards, planted small trees in Central Park, and tutored struggling students until they achieved academic success. At Skidmore, I will enthusiastically contribute to the Social Work Club and pursue independent projects around Saratoga Springs. Skidmore is an ideal place for me to achieve my personal and professional goals, and to generally my character in preparation for my future pursuits.

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