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Picture it: Hoboken, New Jersey 1999. I sit on the floor of my living room as my parents consult with two speech professionals. I am three years old and to say I am a quiet toddler is an understatement. I act just like any other three year old, but with one difference: while other children fill their homes with senseless ramblings, I am silent and pensive. The professionals confirm that although I am not verbally communicating, I have the ability to speak I just prefer to observe.Fast forward to Christmas morning 2000. I opened a present that would forever shape my life: three sparkling Diva Starz Dolls. These dolls were the most amazing dolls ever made. They were not your average soft and cuddly dolls, but rock hard and plastic. I loved them. They became my voice. Soon after that morning, my directing days began. I directed everyone that ever played with the Diva Starz and me. My great aunt, my cousins, even my mother’s friends all fell victim to these dolls with giant expressive eyes and horribly knotty hair. They followed my dialog. However, if I did not like the direction they were taking, I stopped them and demanded they start over. Those were magical times.The first time I directed from behind the camera my Diva Starz had long been in storage. It was 2009 and my friend Alexandra had recently created her own YouTube channel. Her dream was to someday become a world famous pop star. One weekend while having a sleepover at her house, I found the brand new video camera she had just received. Realizing the potential of that camera, I convinced her we should create our own music video. Bursting with excitement, we got started. Of course, I would direct. Six hours and multiple outfit changes later, our fantastic music video set to “You’ll Always Find Your Way Back Home” by Miley Cyrus was uploaded online and ready for viewing. It was the first of many music videos I would go on to produce with Alexandra. The pure joy I experienced when creating these videos, along with their positive feedback, made me realize I discovered my passion.I have been a cast member in the Drama Club at my high school since I was a sophomore. As I watched the presidents who came before me direct our shows, I knew, very much, that I would someday like to assume the same role — even if it would require coming out of my shell. At long last, my official high school directing debut is set to happen in March. As president of the Saint Dominic Academy Drama Club, I will be directing my fellow theatre geeks in the three act play: A Visit to a Small Planet.I am still quiet and I still observe. However, I have found my voice in directing, and I will be heard.

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