Not Your Average Jock

What event in your life helps describe qualities that others may not know?

Out of breath, I settle down in my three point stance. Everyone on the line is pointing and yelling to say who they are blocking. On the snap of the ball I exert all my energy to push the other opponent into the ground. While football may seem like an extremely physical game, the mental aspect may exceed the physical need. Every player in every position needs to know where they are lining up and who to block for the play to go exactly right, then whoever is more physical wins. This showing of mental capacity also shows my versatility in the classroom as I manage 3 AP classes and one honors class. Playing on a small team requires me to know basically every position on the offensive and defensive line, each position requiring a different skill set. This has taught me how to be versatile in my education as I matured. My first class is physics honors, which uses math concepts to prove the physical world. I must turn the intensity up on my math and problem solving skills as I dive into my AP B/C Calculus class. I relate this on the football field as going from kickoff into the first offensive play. You must be extremely mentally tough on offense while still out playing the other opponent, probably the hardest part of the game.The switch from offense to defense can also be linked to my switch from AP Calculus to AP Literature. These two subjects have almost nothing in common, requiring me to use another part of my brain. On the football field, offense and defense are not polar opposites, they are as close as it’s going to get. I must switch gears back to offense as I go to my AP Calc homeroom. Halftime, I get my lunch as I am able to cool my brain down. The kickoff to the second half begins as I go to my Theology class where I get to turn my brain back on and stimulate my brain thinking about the teachings of the Catholic Church. This class really questions your brain and brings up a lot of discussions. The final stretch of the day ends with a double period of AP Biology, a class that brings back many memories of my AP Chemistry class and requires a lot of memorization. A victory bell rings as I make my way out to the football field. My football career has brought up many achievements with All-Conference, All-County, All-Area, and All-Region recognitions on the offensive line. I have also made All-Conference for defense. These awards show my versatility on the football field, and I have awards to show it in the classroom with not only a high 3.84 unweighted GPA, but also a well rounded resume with many AP and honor classes. Most classify jocks with being very irresponsible in the classroom, but this “jock” can’t even imagine about letting his grades slip.

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