How will you contribute to the diversity at Rutgers University?

It’s a typical week during the autumn season. After school on this short Wednesday, I stay at school to lead the community service group, A.R.T.E., with my friend. We plan and organize for the upcoming “Fall Fest” at our school. After a short but complete meeting for the event, I walk to the tennis courts and meet up with my tennis teammates. We practice for our state tennis match tomorrow and I plan a psyche with my co-captains to get us prepared. After a grueling but rewarding tennis match the following day, I rush home in order to eat dinner before “The Cat’s Meow” comes to rehearse for an acapella gig. Later that week on a Saturday morning, I find myself singing the national anthem in front of fans gathered to watch the Little Tigers of the football team. Sure, this seems like a lot to do in just a single week of a high schooler’s life, but it’s what I have grown to love over these four years.The bustle of my life is something I want to continue in college. Having grown up in Princeton since kindergarten, I have developed a plethora of interests within a diverse community. Despite Princeton’s small size, one could call it a “melting pot” of cultures. In each one of these activities that I experience daily or weekly, there is a diverse group of people. I look around the lunch table and I see my friend who is determined to attend music school and practices several hours a day. I see my other friend who spends his days playing football, hoping to get recruited this fall. After school, I practice tennis with a teammate who does Indian dancing on the weekends, and another teammate who makes time for a Japanese tea session. Although there are differences among people in my life that include religion, race, and interests, these differences are nothing but normal and beneficial to me.I have to admit, it is very hard for me to consider what exactly diversity is because it has become such a crucial part of my everyday life. This is very important when considering how such a diverse place like Rutgers will benefit me. Instead of living in an environment where I will feel uncomfortable, Rutgers will provide a home for me with students aspiring to accomplish all their dreams. I will be able to continue to live in a place with tolerance and acceptance of whoever an individual may be, and even expand outside what I already know. Who knows, maybe I will befriend an athlete from the widely recognized Rutgers basketball team, or a member of the amazing, a capella group Shockwave.Along with the benefits Rutgers will provide me, I will contribute to the community in my own way. During the past two years, I have been privileged enough to travel to Sweden and Peru. These were experiences that showed me aspects of poverty, modesty, simplicity, and the beauty of other cultures. Even in places such as Aguas Calientes, Peru or Vaxjo, Sweden, where tourists were not as common, I felt very welcomed and I was encouraged to learn about their cultures. These are the experiences I will share with others in order to contribute to the Rutgers community. Along with cultural experiences, I will contribute to the community by bringing my interests. As the co-leader of an a capella group and also composing songs in my free time, I will be honored to contribute to the music program. Throughout high school, I have also been very involved in sports, especially as a captain of the tennis team. I would also be thrilled to be part of the athletic community. And academically, I possess interests just as strong as sports and music. Taking APs and other challenging courses in high school has prepared me to challenge myself further in the rigorous academic program at Rutgers.I am ready for such an experience: a mutual experience learning and giving at Rutgers.

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