White Sterile Places

Why do you want to become a nurse?

When I was younger, my mother told me I needed bubble wrap; between broken bones, oral injuries, and gastrointestinal issues, I was always at the hospital or doctor’s office. As a kid, hospitals can be a scary place. They are a sterile, clinical place, usually devoid of happiness because of the pain and suffering associated with them. In the white rooms of the hospital, it’s the nurses who bring in color and joy. Not only do they provide the care needed, but also take away uneasiness with their smiles and heartwarming energy.

My experience with nurses proved that. Those memories of the hospital were softened by my recollection of one my favorite nurses who somehow managed to distract me from the hustle and bustle of a children’s hospital emergency room with her soothing manner and warm smile. The nurses I encountered inspired me to become a nurse to help others just as they helped me. After being an ill child, I have been intrigued with the human body: the functions, how it heals, development of illnesses.

Learning about the human body in Anatomy and Physiology has only furthered my interest in the human body. It never ceases to fascinate me that only a handful elements can create a complex organism with numerous capabilities. I aspire to become a nurse to utilize my knowledge and fascination within the medical field and the human body to provide life-saving care as well as provide a sense of joy into a hospital or doctor’s office.

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