Two Different Paths

Describe how your Purdue education would support the attainment of your personal and/or professional goals.

Art and mathematics — two very different subjects and paths to take in life — are my two passions. I have loved art and the process of creating it my whole life, and I know that I want to make it part of my future career. I also enjoy the academic rigor and challenges of mathematics, and I know that I do not want to give up the benefits of a liberal arts education to focus solely on art. I would like to be able to use both of my interests and make them into something unique that I would enjoy doing for the rest of my life. At Purdue, I would be able to deepen my knowledge through the academic courses offered that are not available at many art institutes while still receiving the art institute experience in the university’s arts program. I am also planning on applying for the Purdue Honors Program to be able to take full advantage of the diversity of programs that Purdue has to offer. I want an educational experience that can enrich all aspects of my life: academic, social, cultural, and artistic. I believe that a university education at Purdue would provide me with the opportunities to expand my horizons on all of these dimensions. Academically, Purdue would be able to challenge me in the areas in which I need to succeed and enrich all aspects of my intellect. Mathematics has long been my favorite subject area, and one that I would like to explore further in college. I enjoy mathematics because it is a common language used to explain the world around us and to help solve its problems. As I walk into class, I may have no idea how to approach a problem or the meaning of a new equation, but as I walk out, I can completely understand it. Purdue has many options for mathematics courses and applications of mathematics, and with all those options available, I know that there will always be something new to learn. While at Purdue, I would want to learn all I can, from the day I walk on to campus to the day I leave. Artistically, I believe the visual art and design program at Purdue would be able to help me grow as an artist. I want to experiment in different artistic media and create something new that no one has ever seen before. Art has endless possibilities, and that truly intrigues me. I love being able to see what I can create when I have no limits. I would also look forward to taking advantage of the art faculty’s knowledge and experience. Since art professors are artists actively involved in their chosen area and creating new works, having them as mentors would be a great opportunity to learn about my own future in the art world. For a career, I am considering going into the field of graphic design since it allows unlimited ways for a person to communicate ideas through the look and feel of a piece of art. The creative process of taking concepts and ideas that you wish to share with others and putting them down on paper or in graphics on a computer is exciting.Purdue would allow me to combine my interest in mathematics and art to create something new and innovative and help realize my goal of a successful career involving both areas of study.

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