Statement of Purpose

Why do you I intend to study in Purdue in Curriculum and Instruction programme?

I am fascinated by the advanced educational system in the U.S. and am eager to acquire an advanced study in Curriculum Studies abroad, which will prepare me for my future career in the fields related to Education.

My profound desire into the field of Curriculum Studies started with my first opportunity of exchange program I participated in at University of Oxford, which also started my interests in the western-education system. My three-month experience of living in a foreign country and studying in a different educational system was quite significant. It expanded my vision and helped me realized the importance of globalization in the field of education. The second chance was to join the AIESEC volunteer team at Chulalongkorn University in 2014, during which I was mainly responsible for leading the team to provide English courses for rural areas in Thailand. Consisting of members respectively from Malaysia, Australia, Singapore, Taiwan and China, our team had some disagreements when making the teaching plan. While some thought about teaching children English with the aid of Thai, the other insisted on English immersion teaching. Then I pointed out that we could use them properly by dividing the children into different teaching groups according to their proficiency in English. Through this conflict, I realized that teaching strategies should be based on the students’ characteristics, target the audiences, equipped with a global perspective, and be able to facilitate the development of the students. Moreover, in order to further stretch my practical capabilities, I worked as a student tutor in Sep. 2016. We had a very tight schedule and our topic covered various trainings. I designed the curriculum, introduced the basic skills, taught them how to gain the information, and carefully guided them to make oral presentations using example, positive reinforcement, and frequent review. Overall, I received very positive feedbacks from the students and professors. With my assiduousness, responsibility, and teaching skills, I taught them the format of official emails, familiarized them with APA and MLA style, and helped them in developing their interests in doing research and in enhancing their presentation skills

In addition, aiming at advancing the internationalization of Chinese higher education and taking the lead in implementing liberal arts education in China, UIC devotes itself into an international institution with innovative educational approaches. Since I received solid high school education within the Chinese educational system and received western education for undergraduate study, I am equipped with an international vision. Through these multicultural educations, I mastered the fundamental knowledge and possessed critical thinking ability and competence ability. This experience, therefore, further motivated me to devote myself into the design of cutting-edge curriculum in China.

The academic field that I am particularly interested in is Multicultural Education which links up individual’s experience and practice of it to the social structural dimensions of social difference and social inequality. My future goal is to work in government agencies to design the curriculums to improve the efficiency of educational system. By taking the class Culture and Language, I have learned a lot on bilingual education and the complex relationship between cultural and education, and gained further insights into the current educational systems. Received education from both the Chinese system and the western system, I have the omniscient perspective in evaluating curriculum studies.

Your department undoubtedly ranks top in the field of Education and has rigorous research atmosphere, accomplished faculties, and meticulously designed courses. All of these elements will be advantageous to me because I can stretch my talent to full extent, delve deeper into the cutting edge of Curriculum Studies with the focus on the cultural, political, and economical dimensions, and acquaint myself with the best practice trends with an international vision.

My interdisciplinary academic background and multicultural experience would give me an edge in applying to your program, because I have various experiences in teaching and a different perspective in evaluating the curriculum. If admitted to your program, I will delve deeper into the various theories in curriculum, apply the theoretical knowledge to real-life curriculum designing, and master advanced practical skills. Unequivocally, I can state that strong motivation, interdisciplinary background, multicultural background, and hardworking attitude are my virtues. With them, I succeeded my undergraduate study. I believe there is still vast scope for me to extend my potential in Curriculum Studies. I am confident that, with great effort and motivation, academic accomplishment will be well within my reach. I sincerely hope that your department can grant me this chance to study in the program.

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