Seed-Free Spoon

Please briefly elaborate on one of your extracurricular activities or work experiences.(250 words or less)

“Seed-Free Spoon” is a product I tried to develop to benefit all watermelon lovers, in the hope that we can enjoy the juicy mouth feel of the fruit without constantly chewing on the annoying seeds. However, when I first shared my idea with my parents and friends, none of them took this seriously.

It was not until this summer that I was finally able to make my Spoon Version 1.0. I took part in a tech summer camp, where I tentatively mentioned my Seed-Free Spoon. To my surprise, other campers and teachers were immediately amused and intrigued by the idea, and we set off to make one jointly.

We went through my 10 original designs, rated each, and selected a best one for realization; we hypothesized user experience situations and quickly pinpointed the problems of product; we brainstormed all the possible improvements; we even daydreamed about the mass production and promotion of it. This was my first touch of starting a product-oriented business, and the feeling was just so great.

Although, after building a rough model and conducting a test, Spoon V.1.0 turned out truly impractical, I was still thankful towards all my fellow campers. I really enjoyed the feeling of immersing myself in such a creative atmosphere, where every idea is worth trying, and through collective efforts we can bring everything into reality.

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