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Proofread essay You spent hours, days and nights, even weeks on completing this paper. After so much time and effort dedicated, you must be knowing the content by heart. And, unfortunately, this is exactly what endangers your mark. You are not able to look at your essay with new eyes, like never seen it before. Like your reader will do. This is when the best students who are so familiar with their material occur errors trying to proofread essay. You miss errors, misspellings, you don’t notice the inconsistency in the text. This will distract readers and lower your grade. What a shame, after so many hours spent on it! So now you might be asking who is capable enough to proofread my essay? Having in mind asking friends or relatives? Might work out, but keep in mind the risks and disadvantages. Most probably none of your friends is qualified to do professional essay proofread. So, they will correct the basic errors and spelling, in case they were good at English. But even if they do, you will feel like owing them a favour. As a result, you may not get the most professional proofread essay service, but owing something to someone. What we suggest is that you use a professional paper proofreading service. It will ensure you get the best out of your paper and receive the well deserved high grade.

Can you proofread my college essay?

With pleasure! Once you send your essay to us a team of proofread essay experts starts working on it. Proofreading and editing your paper until it shines and get the highest grades for you. Don’t let your hard efforts be wasted. Instead, go that extra mile to ensure the last stage of completing your assignment is passed with success. During the proofread paper service we cover the following points:
  • We will check the grammar and spelling throughout the essay.
  • Our professional editors will ensure style and tone are matching with the subject and academic level of yours.
  • The paper should have an easy to read flow.
  • Your point of view has to be clear to understand, especially in persuasive papers.
  • We will check whether the formatting and structure complaint with your college’s standards.
If you omit one of these, you already endanger your grade. It’s such a pity to do that after all the efforts invested. Most of the times students forget about formatting standards and simply get their papers back to be rewritten. We don’t think you have all your life to paraphrase my essay, don’t you?

Who will proofread my essay online?

Just to make it crystal clear, we don’t use any software to proofread paper online. All the work is done manually by our expert proofread essay editors. Some websites are offering fast and free essay proofread service done by robots. Using this free service, you save your paper in their database and never know the future of it. It might be sold to someone on a completely different site. With Admission-Essays you will have to pay for paper proofreader. It’s not an enormous cost, but it puts you in a secure position of a customer, with your rights. Our industry leader editors have years of experience in academic writing and editing. In order to become a paper proofread expert in our team they pass through a tough hiring process. Interviews, tests, background checks. Only after a successful trial period they go live and help students like you. And there is no too easy or too complex order for us. Every proofread essay request receives the utmost care and attention from our editors.

How are we proofreading papers?

We know that students of all levels are looking for help proofread my paper. That’s why we don’t limit our services to a specific academic level. It can be:
  • College
  • High school
  • University
  • Doctoral students
Besides that, we can cover any kind of business writing as well. Whether it is your CV or a business plan. At Admission-Essays we are the top proofread paper service. Daily we help hundreds of students from various countries with their English written assignments. On the other hand, all of our customers come from very different educational institutions. And we understand how difficult it is not to get lost in those academic style guides. When working with a team of professional proofread essay editors you don’t have to worry about that. We are aware of:
  • AMA
  • MLA
  • Bluebook
We will make your paper compliant with any of these styles.

What are my guarantees if I proofread essay online?

If you are asking about that free software for editing and proofreading your content online then the answer is ‘no guarantees’. On the other hand, with us you are a customer, who has guarantees and rights for quality service.
  • You pay online securely with your credit card or PayPal. We don’t share your information with third parties, neither we store your banking data.
  • Your paper won’t be sold on any other platform after checking it with us. Even more, our editors won’t know your name and contact details, so you shouldn’t worry about any leaks.
  • Once we do your essay editing, you get the right to have the final paper revised for free. Therefore, if you aren’t happy with the result, there is always a way to enhance it.
  • All our admission essay services come with a refund guarantee. We understand that different things can happen. However, we hope that none of our clients will ever have the need to ask for the money back due to quality issues.
You are at the best place to look for a reliable and professional editor to work on your paper. We will assign you an expert who is trustworthy enough to edit all your important assignments. Instead of wasting more time, efforts, nerves on doing it on your own, get a professional to help you. It won’t only save your time, but bring better results and more peace of mind. Admission-Essays was founded to help students like you!