Some students have a background or story that is so central to their identity that they believe their application would be incomplete without it. If this sounds like you, then please share your story.

My hand is moving with a mind of its own in a stream of creative consciousness. It may as well be a poltergeist. Rough shapes are being formed, abstract blobs that at first have no cohesion, no combined purpose. After time these strange, independent elements start to form something recognizable. The doodle I started on my paper in class has turned into a sports car. It is something of my own creation; wide, low-slung, angry, with squinting aggressive headlights, strong flared fenders, and a large open grille. The machine looks determined, ready to attack when provoked. I stare at my creation, and picture myself driving it. It is only one of the hundreds I have drawn all over my notebooks and worksheets. Give me a paper and a pencil and there will be something drawn – I simply can’t help myself. It’s something I’ve always done.All of my art, drawings, digital, or otherwise, all start out the same. They all begin as small, independent, abstract shapes; it begins from chaos. As I continue with my work, these shapes get sculpted and formed into a recognizable cohesive piece. Every line has a meaning, everything connects and flows: the work is complete. This is why I love art and design, because it can depict life, not only in its final form but also in its creation.I started, just like everyone else, as a blank page. Every experience and grain of knowledge became new shape on my canvas. Over time larger more complex shapes started to form from the smaller ones and I began to take shape as who I am today. As my page filled I started to learn about what I liked, what I didn’t like, and the type of person I wanted to be.I opened myself up to as many things as I could: I played Little League baseball, I sang in all county chorus, I played trombone in the seventh grade band, I was in the eighth grade play, I took technology classes over the summer, I took a video and media class, and even dabbled in the culinary arts at one point. The more things I tried the more I knew I wanted to do something creative with my life. I became increasingly interested in how technology could make an impact in the art world. In a sense, my paper full of shapes became digital.I began experimenting with different types of digital media. It started with very simple animations made with Keynote, and then I started to teach myself how to make movies. Every chance I could get, every project, I would make an elaborate mini-documentary on the assigned subject. It wasn’t until my sophomore year in high school that I discovered Photoshop on my school laptop and I was hooked, fascinated, entranced, and addicted. I had a blank canvas in front of me and no idea how to use it, but that didn’t stop me. I went online and bought books and started following tutorials, teaching myself about layers, color, masking, and photo manipulation. I would spend all my time in class working on Photoshop, lost in my own world.My page continues to fill, with each new project that I undertake and each new thing that I learn. It has taken years, but all the small, rough, independent shapes are beginning to form something more complex; it is starting to become clear what I want to do with my life. The image drawn on my paper is slowly coming together, and I like it so far.

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