Highlight those personal accomplishments, achievements, and experiences that have given you considerable satisfaction and have helped to form your character. Be sure to comment on your aspirations in terms of your educational and career goals. Finally, explain the difference receiving a scholarship would mean in your life. Personal statements are used by the scholarship committee or donor family members to select scholarship recipients.

I was born in the middle of two different social classes. My father’s family consisted of wealthy business owners and stock brokers, while my mother’s side consisted of minimum wage workers. Growing up I was able to get a taste of both sides whether it be the food at Thanksgiving dinner or the gifts on Christmas. There were major differences between the two and I was able to appreciate and respect both sides. It has helped me to be much more empathetic to people of all types. My grandmother used to babysit me while my parents were at work. We played “school” every day. This consisted of teaching me to read and write before I had even entered school. Since then I have always been very academically inclined. I have always been in the most advanced programs at my school and held a high grade point average. I have held myself to high standards and have succeeded in my goal of carrying at least a 3.9 GPA.Throughout school I have also been very sociable by joining multiple clubs, sports teams, and organizations. This has helped shape me in that I am looking for a career in which I can interact with the public and build personal relations. I believe that pharmacy is the perfect career for me. I have always favored math and science courses and pharmacy can allow me to use them along my social skills. By becoming a pharmacist and working in the retail environment with a chain such as CVS or Rite-Aid I can interact with the public. I will get to know the customers that come in and build friendly relationships with them, helping the community in which I live.I believe that my career goal to use my communications and scientific skills to work as a pharmacist in a retail chain, preferably in a small town, is very achievable. I have taken such varied courses as AP Calculus, Show Choir, Forensics, Honors Physics, Nutrition, Spanish I-III, and Economics. I have excelled in these courses and have become a much more rounded person in the process. I realize that pharmacy is a lot of schooling which in turn incurs large costs but I am willing to work for it. I plan to pay for as much of my college as I can through merit scholarships. I earned a 33 on my ACT and have held a high GPA. I apply for as many scholarships I can find on a daily basis. I check multiple websites as well as my school’s guidance office to find new opportunities. The rest of my college I hope to pay for with job opportunities and internships along with student loans. I hope to pay back my student loans within six years of graduation. Scholarships mean a lot to me because they are physical proof that the work I put into high school is worth something. Receiving a scholarship allows me to feel more comfortable with my college education, knowing that I will graduate with less debt, and will therefore help me reach my full potential at The Ohio State University.

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