Part of the mission of the University Honors & Scholars Center is to support and promote the intellectual and personal growth of high-performing, motivated undergraduate students. What types of experiences have you encountered thus far that have contributed to your intellectual and personal growth? Please provide specific examples, and explain fully how these experiences have contributed to your success thus far. How might being a member of your preferenced Honors and/or Scholars Programs continue that progression of success? In your response, be sure to address all three of your preferenced programs.

Sophomore year I tried out for my school’s track team. I made the team but never placed high enough in the competitions to earn a varsity letter. I was very disappointed in myself and worked hard in the off-season to change that. I ate healthier, ran in my free time, and went to the local YMCA to work out. By the time my junior season started I placed first in my event and earned my varsity letter. I was ecstatic. My hard work and dedication finally paid off. This proved to me that if I made goals and proceeded with the necessary preparations to achieve them anything was possible. I think that the University Honors program will provide me with a similar challenge. I am very competitive, and being surrounded by students with a likewise mentality would challenge me to do better. I do not enjoy coming in second, whether it’s in a sporting event or a B on a test. I strive to do my best in everything I do. I think the Honors program will better my education and place me with classmates of the same mental caliber with which to challenge myself.Junior year my teacher assigned a massive project due in nine weeks. It was to design a detailed picture by graphing hundreds of equations on a plot. Some of my classmates and I decided to collaborate and help each other on it. We started early and met weekly to discuss any problems we had and to help each other out. Our teacher thought our teamwork was wonderful. It helped us all to fully understand the project, and by the eighth week, when the rest of the class was stressing out, we were nearly finished. This type of cooperation is enjoyable and enhances my learning experience. I believe living in the Scholars community would have much of the same effect. Study groups are a vital part of learning for me and being surrounded by students in the Health Science Scholars I could easily find someone to help me with my pre-pharmacy classes – and offer my help to others when they need it. I believe by joining the University Honors, Biological Science Scholars, or Health Scholars would greatly enhance my education. The honors classes would challenge my intellect and provide for a rewarding experience. By living in the scholars dorms I could join study groups and collaborate and learn more effectively. I think that I have a lot to contribute to these programs, and more than anything they would help me maximize my full potential at The Ohio State University.

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