Words Speak Louder Than Actions

Topic of your choice, but it was specifically about an experience central to my identity.

Just like many others, I’ve spent my life hearing the hackneyed phrase “actions speak louder than words.” Based on personal experience, however, I’ve decided that I disagree. I believe that words are magic. Not magic in the conventional sense; a much subtler form of magic, but no less potent. If used properly, words can be endlessly powerful, beautiful, and captivating, and have the ability to initiate so much more than actions ever could. I judge this by the way the power of words has shaped my own life, branding me and fostering a love of self-expression through writing that will never be extinguished. My passion for words ignited at a young age, beginning with a desire to read anything and everything I could get my hands on. I devoured books, but soon came to realize that nothing was as satisfying as using and manipulating words in my own way. I still remember the very first story I wrote in my first grade journal, with a witch and an anthropomorphic pumpkin playing the protagonists. Today my writing defines an even more integral part of who I am. Writing has taken me on numerous journeys, each of which has lent me countless pearls of wisdom and paved the way for endless self-discovery. My participation in National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo) epitomizes these writing voyages, particularly my first attempt at the mere age of thirteen, with absolutely no idea what would come of such an endeavor. But my determination shone, with the pride of being able to accomplish something so substantial serving as my greatest motivation. To call this experience difficult is an understatement, but I found myself attached to the world I wove, the characters I created, and the idea of having a full length manuscript to call my own, so I kept on. After thirty lengthy days of writing, I reaped the reward I’d been looking for, putting the finishing touches on my very first real novel. From this experience I learned the benefits of dedication and perseverance, worked to apply them in other aspects of my life, and haven’t looked back since. Four years and three NaNoWriMo novels later, writing continues to characterize my life. I write to express myself, I write to prove a point. I write to make my mark on the world. But most importantly, I write to tell a story, whether my own or that of a fictional character who has come to inhabit my mind. Whatever the reason, I firmly believe there is no more rewarding way to spend my time. For me, writing is sublime. My words describe me in a way that actions nor anything else ever will, playing a principal role in my own story. Guided by their brilliance I’ll continue to strive to work harder and reach farther, because I seek to change the world with words. Without full knowledge of their magic, this would be impossible.

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