Speech and Language Pathology

Why did you choose your program of interest?

Archimedes once said, “Give me a firm place to stand and I will move the earth.” Similar sentiments resonate within my mind as I embark on the penultimate round of my race to my goals. Strength is the lot of a few good men, but perseverance sifts the chaff from the grain.

Strength of mind and hard work has been my forte all through my academic years. I take great pride in my commitment to the cause and dedication to see the job through. My confidence is never shaken because I firmly believe that the answer lies within each individual. I have set my sights on my goals and am willing to do all within my powers to reach out to them.

I come from an extremely education-inclined family, and have consistently ranked in the top percentile of my class. However, my education has not been without focus since I must understand first and then learn. From asking my professors the right questions during discussions, to having a soft spot for practical learning experiences, I have tried my best to gain an all-round education experience. Majoring in Science in my high school has given me a strong foundation toward my subsequent educational objectives.

I have been equally active outside of the classroom. My hobbies are a balance combination of indoor and outdoor activities. I have played football and participated in several swimming competitions at school level. I am a very caring and compassionate person by nature, which I feel will hold me good stead in the years to come. I enjoy traveling and meeting people from varied backgrounds to share ideas and experiences. Furthermore, I love learning and am able to imbibe the right values from my interaction with others. My family has always been supportive and encouraging, which has had a conducive effect on my personality.

“Man is a social animal,” as a thinker put it, but I tend to disagree with this statement. A casual glance at the way we treat each other today would test anyone’s belief system. The plight of the physically challenged in today’s world leaves much to be desired. They are left to the mercy of a complicated, under-funded system most people would prefer to ignore, and not enough is being done to help them lead a normal life. All that society needs to do is show dedication to their cause, show that they really do care. With this concern in mind, I have decided to pursue a Bachelor’s degree in Speech and Language Pathology. I wish to contribute all I can to help the physically challenged lead normal lives.

With the knowledge that I will gain through an in-depth education at your institution, I am sure I will be able to fulfill my dream of working for those with language disabilities. I understand the high level of commitment that your program demands and attest to my readiness and strong desire to succeed within it.

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