Option C: Television sitcoms often revolve around the interactions of a group of people with unique personalities. Write about your interaction with your friends and explain why you and your friends might become the next great sitcom, and describe your role in the show

An over-achieving comically jubilant class president, a hypochondriac vegetarian, a quietly cynical artist, a pair of environmental and social activists who use their intellect and incredible ability to convey propaganda to save the world from evil, a scatter brained business-conscious computer geek who at times needs to be saved from himself, and an assortment of mediators and devil’s advocates lying somewhere between two extremes who, at times, save the rest of the group from total self destruction. Sound like the cast for the next hit TV sitcom? Well, perhaps they may be. But for now these people are just my friends.While some personal opinions within the group restrict the actuality of starring in a TV sitcom with my friends, it is interesting to think about. I can confidently say it would be an interesting show. With such contrasting beliefs and personalities, I don’t think we would even need a script. Heck, we wouldn’t even need advertisements, people would drop everything and run to the TV when our show came on. Viewers would be on the edges of their seats waiting to see what the next great argument will be about; what random pranks will be pulled on parents, friends, and the general public; who is dating who and how the last piece of collaborative artwork or dinner party turned out. It would be like a reality show, a soap opera, a news broadcast and a comedy rolled into one half-hour block. But you are probably wondering where exactly I would fit in.I typically find myself playing the role of mediator, which in my opinion is the best position to be in. As some arguments within my group hit critical levels, and some ideas and plans reach incredible levels of danger or stupidity, it is often necessary to bring things back into perspective. The reason I have no objection to doing this is because it gives me a chance to absorb information from both sides of the debate. In some cases I can look on the issue as a whole, not just from one point of view, and make a more informed decision (This aspect carries over into all aspects of my life.) It’s also a great alternative to taking sides, something that happens often in my group, which sometimes results in temporary breaks of friendship.Hopefully I haven’t lessened anyone’s opinions of my friends or myself through this contemplation of showbiz. Every one of my friends is wondrously unique, creative, opinionated and intelligent and I feel that they have contributed immensely to the building of my real-life character. I have gained many things from them and hopefully have given something to them. So, in the end, who does it take to create a love, laugh and thought inducing hit show like Friends? The answer to that question, my friends, is in fact, my own friends.

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