Quality, Quantity, and Inclusive Leadership

Lehigh values inclusive leadership, where students make decisions, take action, and contribute positively to their communities in ways that are purposeful, socially just, and built on integrity. What does this mean to you?

I always thought of living life through the saying “quality over quantity”, but when dealing with problems like child poverty, or teen suicide, you need quality and quantity. This was what got me into running the Kids in Action Network Non-Profit Organization. From sending classmates to hand deliver medical supplies to Belize, to hosting a 15 hour event to volunteer for local charities, KAN has been life changing to me. After working as the CEO of KAN, I have learned so much about the percentage of the human race living in circumstances that shouldn’t exist to be spoken of.

When you work in some of the worst situations that one can be in, it really puts things into perspective such as how minute my problems are in comparison with the rest of the world. The cruelty of our current reality sheds beauty on other things like a group of kids from Agoura Hills, bettering their world one classmate at a time.The true impact that we were making didn’t completely hit me until I was able to bring the American Cancer Society to our biggest event of the year. Seeing the community I’ve been working diligently to help, coming together to participate in something that means so much to me, was beyond humbling. The fact that the paper bags that my schoolmates wrote on had such a profound impact on me gave me a glimpse of how the other children felt when we were able to do so much more for them.

The most rewarding part of this experience was that we, as the KAN Team, were able to turn issues so awful into an absolutely beautiful human to human experience, learning from each other, and growing as members of society. That is what inclusive leadership means to me.

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