Imagine you just completed your visit to Lehigh University. What would you tweet and why?

Two dogs with bladder problems, one screaming six year old, and one painful, fifteen-hour drive. After suffering through traffic jams, vehicle smog tests, and no privacy, my parents decided to uproot our San Diego routines and begin a new life in a literal cow town on the Western Slope of Colorado. Their reasoning was obvious – safer, more community-oriented, cheaper cost of living – but I was horrified.

Our little town, Montrose, has never felt like home. For one, I have been a vegetarian for nearly three years, and the only restaurant in town with a meatless option is Subway. Also, most community events revolve around high school sports or church, both of which I do not partake in, although I do love to watch a good football game. I do not consider myself an outsider – I have a wonderful group of friends, supportive parents, and caring teachers – but I am not an insider either.

Upon my visit to Lehigh, I would tweet: “Finally I am home @LehighU!” I can watch a Mountain Hawk football game or explore my spirituality, but I am not pressured to do so because Lehigh is such an inclusive campus. Reading the vegetarian options like tofu tacos and portobello burgers on the dining website makes my mouth water. Lehigh is the rigorous academic environment that I have dreamt of and (unlike Montrose) Lehigh does not smell like cattle. It would, instead, have the aura of home.

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