Cohesive Campus

What values do you believe are important in fostering a cohesive, successful, and supportive campus community? Please provide us with details from an experience that you had that has shaped these values.

A baseball player my entire life, I often find myself comparing the sport to different things in life. In my eyes, a college campus is comparable to a baseball team, and doing well in a college setting is similar to winning a baseball game. A successful college has many people that come together to make it a safe, healthy, welcoming environment for the students. The teachers are a huge part of each student’s success. They are the coaches in the baseball game; the ones responsible for guiding the students towards making the right decisions and teaching the students fundamental skills necessary for their success. Without a dedicated teaching faculty, a college cannot succeed, just like a baseball team cannot win without a knowledgeable coach. There are also the other students at a college who need to be friendly and welcoming. They are the other members of the baseball team; without them, victory is impossible. This is also true in a college setting, a student’s peers are crucial in his or her success. They need to be hard-working, supporting, and accepting in order to help the student adapt to a new environment and flourish in it. Finally, there are the various members of the faculty ranging from room advisor to those in the office of financial aid to the workers in Lehigh’s wonderful cafeteria. They are the ones who make daily life easier in college. In the baseball game that is college, they are the fans; rooting for each student’s success and making the college campus an affordable, safe, and organized place to be. At Lehigh, I know I would always have the home field advantage with the wonderful staff there. Of the people I encountered during my tour of Lehigh, they all had a smile and seemed to be wishing me well. The motivation these people offer can make the best in each student come out. With these necessary pieces, any college can be an excellent place to live and grow. Although I only had a short one day encounter at Lehigh University, I got a good feeling from it. I also remember my dad saying, “Lehigh seemed like a winner,” as we drove home; I agree, Lehigh seems like a place that I could “win” my baseball game,.

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