Building Passion

Lehigh is well known for its quality academics, a beautiful campus, and a spirited student body. Describe your academic and extracurricular interests and how Lehigh is a good match for you.

Throughout my life, my eyes have been drawn to the sky. When I was a child I would look up in speckled black night and gaze at constellations, unable to comprehend the extent of the universe, wondering if it ever ended. By day I would look to the sky again; jets flying high in Earth’s atmosphere enthralled me. With my head constantly in the clouds it was only a short time before I noticed buildings, those massive edifices that seemed to yearn for the sky as I did. In my adolescent state of mind, sheer size impressed me more than anything else — the bigger, the better I thought.Now that I have moved beyond Legos, my admiration for buildings is no longer founded solely on height. My gaze has shifted from the heavens to the horizon, and I now appreciate structures for their more meaningful qualities, evaluating them as architects’ distinguished contributions to nature, society, and posterity. With my eyes leveled, I now mainly look to houses for inspiration — structures incredibly diversified in appearance to satisfy natural surroundings, architectural expression, and individual preferences, though universally united in the purpose of providing individuals with shelter, identity, and a sense of home. My changed perspective has motivated me to explore my potential as an architect so that I too may someday leave my contribution for the next generation of stargazing architects to stumble upon.I feel Lehigh is the perfect school to assist me in fulfilling this potential. Lehigh’s excellent architectural school and wide diversity of other challenging courses make it the ideal medium for which to fully develop my widely diversified intellectual interests.

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