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“Red blood cells are one of the most numerous and unknown cells in your body.” Dr. Sung described. I walked into this COSMOS program, motivated by the tumultuous experiences throughout high school, to reassure my choice of major: biomedical engineering. What could be so important about red blood cells? I knew they transported oxygen and hemoglobin, but what made it so special? I stepped in the classroom with trepidation: would I be able to absorb the undergraduate studies of bioengineering at UCSD? “And the best poster award goes to… Luke Lee!” I stood up and received the award with pride. What I had learned this summer was unbelievable. Not only did I learn the structure of the red blood cell membrane, but most importantly, I began to learn to enjoy the subject of bioengineering. Before, I had studied science as an obligatory task, but this program ignited a fiery passion for science within me. I realized bioengineering was my calling, my future, and my life’s purpose.

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