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Washington D.C.-In a stunning victory for human rights supporters, the Migrant Workers’ Rights Bill, a act of legislating delineating and expanding the rights of migrant workers, was passed this week. The bill, introduced by Democratic Senator Robbins, had been heavily opposed by Republicans for months. As of four weeks ago, the bill showed little promise of passing. Corporate supporters of the Republican Party had senators convinced that this bill’s passing would be an unfair government control of business. Recently, however, in a startling turn of events, the bill began garnering support from many key Republican senators. Many people in Washington D.C. were left wondering, what inspired this sudden change of opinion? This answer, it seems, is one woman, Aonya McCruiston. It comes as little surprise to many that McCruiston would be the secret behind the bill’s passing. She has been making a name for herself as a lobbyist for Amnesty International for weeks, meeting with key figures in the Capitol and working hard to collect support for the bill. She left no senator unspoken to or unimpressed. “Her determination was obvious as soon as she entered the room,” said one senator on McCruiston. “Her confidence and control was most impressive. I find it hard to believe that anyone who took the time to listen to her arguments could find reason to vote against this bill. I look forward to hearing her stand on other issues.”Aonya McCruiston joins the ranks of many Johns Hopkins graduates who are making an impact on the country. For years, Johns Hopkins University has been renowned for producing some of the top minds in the United States today and Ms. McCruiston is no exception. A Political Science major who excelled in her studies, McCruiston developed strong foundations for her lobbying skills at Johns Hopkins. She got heavily involved in public speaking, Amnesty International, and various political organizations on the campus. Her experience at Johns Hopkins is what she credits for her success. “If I had anything to do with the results of the bill’s passing,” McCruiston said in an Amnesty International article, “it was for two reasons: I was fighting for a good cause and I had a Johns Hopkins education.”The future seems bright for McCruiston who has announced plans to attend law school in the fall. With her commanding presence, respected reputation, and one major victory under her belt, it can be sure that great things are in store for her. After reading some of her college works and seeing what she’s done with the Migrant Workers’ Rights Bill, it seems clear that Aonya McCruiston promises a new and engaging perspective that the politicians of Washington D.C. desperately need. We look forward to seeing many more accomplishments from her. This won’t be the last time you read her name in the papers.

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