Accolades to AP American Government

By this point in your academic career you have taken a variety of courses, each with its own distinguishing characteristics. Which one has had the most influence on your interests and goals for the future and why?

As a political enthusiast, I am captivated by the subject matter of AP Government. The instructor, however, makes the course truly remarkable. The instructor, Mr. Feinblatt, has substantial personal experience in the field of New York City politics. He brings the lessons of his past career to life in an anecdotal and edifying manner. His knowledge of government, both in theory and in practice, is immense. Furthermore, his affinity for the students cannot be overstated. He treats students as intellectual equals and never dismisses our opinions and desires. His advice is indispensable, and his generosity is seemingly eternal. Mr. Feinblatt strikes the consummate balance between his roles as a teacher and a caring human being. The small size of my AP Government class allows for robust discussion and debate on a daily basis. Certainly, the frequency of class discussions elevates the quality of AP Government; however, it is the content of those discussions that make the class worthwhile. Never before have I been privy to such engrossing interaction. Never before have I been able to debate Neoconservatism on one day, and the finer points of gerrymandering on the next. Through class discussion, I have become a more worldly individual. I have deepened friendships with my peers. I have become an able debater. In these respects, AP Government has benefited me like no other high school course. Mr. Feinblatt’s lessons will resonate with me well into the future. His course has furthered my interest in politics and comparative government, and has affirmed my desire to pursue a career in diplomacy. The examination of various governments and influential people has changed the way I look at the world. Class discussions about the practices of governments, both within the US and beyond, have inspired me to fight for necessary reform in the future. The frequent class debates have prepared me to pursue such endeavors in adulthood. AP Government has refined my analytical skills, thereby readying me for a future career in diplomacy, working specifically on behalf of Israel as well as on broader issues affecting the world stage.

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