Why Harvey Mudd

What influenced you to apply to Harvey Mudd College? What about the HMC curriculum and community appeals to you? Please limit your response to 500 words.

One day, while browsing through my mail, I came across a pamphlet and large deck of Harvey-Mudd-customized cards, piquing my interest. In many ways, HMC is unique like its advertising tactic of a deck of cards with information about Harvey Mudd on it. Particularly, HMC stood out as a liberal-arts college specializing in STEM, as a breeding ground for academic excellence, and as a member of the renowned Claremont Consortium.

Pursuing STEM at a liberal-arts-college would offer a unique perspective since most STEM-based schools are research universities. However, a liberal-arts college emphasizing STEM would fit me better because I appreciate the college’s focus on undergraduates, especially in guided research. I value the freedom to explore humanities like cinema and literature like a Renaissance man instead of solely focusing on math. I’m excited to experience HMC’s liberal-arts-style focus on philosophical growth and hands-on learning, as evidenced by how its small class sizes emphasize participation rather than tests. Harvey Mudd is also unique for being part of the Claremont Consortium, letting me explore courses and make friends among the five colleges. I’m impressed by the convenience of cross-registering to all five colleges, making attending HMC like a five-for-one bargain. Because each school is so small, I’m excited to taste the different atmosphere of each school, much like living in Hogwarts’s Houses. Thus, I’ll reap the benefits of both a small and big school.

Even more, HMC’s unique academics like the Rubik’s-cube class stand out to me. I want to compete against others for the fastest times (mine is about a minute), to learn the different geometric intricacies, and to boost my memory by learning four-by-fours or six-by-sixes and more. I wonder what the final would be like… An extremely short one? It’s interesting to be surrounded by others who also share my interest in solving cubes because I never had anybody to compete with before. Additionally, HMC attracts me for offering majors I’ve never heard of before, convincing me to explore the intersection between Math and Computational Biology. Even more, I’m always eager to learn and get ahead, so learning about HMC’s summer research and summer math classes sealed the deal. It is crucial to me that I stay productive over summer and earn opportunities to learn even higher math concepts during the school year.

Above all, HMC is special for the people. Funny story: when I visited the Claremont Colleges during the Questbridge Conference, my worn-out shoes broke in ninety-degree weather at noon. Searing red streaks outlined my feet as I walked barefoot on concrete comparable to the Sahara Desert. Like a savior, my tour guide offered me her shoes to wear and suggested me to walk onto the grass. Through this simple but meaningful act, I realized the kindness of the Claremont Colleges’ students. Hopefully, HMC will be more for me than a place pictured on a custom deck of cards – it will be my reality, in all its ingenuity, originality, and everyday generosity.

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