Launch and Thrive

Georgia Tech is always looking for innovative undergraduates. Have you had any experience as an entrepreneur? What would you like Georgia Tech to provide to further your entrepreneurial interests?

“What’s the safest thing to do?”

I found myself asking this question freshmen year when I was trying to come up with an idea for Project Echo, a high school entrepreneurs’ business plan competition. I wanted an idea with the highest guarantee for success to present on the big stage at UCLA. However, I quickly realized that entrepreneurship is not about finding the safest option; rather, it is about taking risks and making adjustments through multiple attempts. Not content to “play it safe,” I pitched a fantasy sports game where professional baseball prospects are treated like stocks on Wall Street.

I would like Georgia Tech to provide me with elite entrepreneurship ventures so I can further my design and presentation skills. Furthermore, I would look forward to working on real-world applications through the Capstone Design. The Scheller College of Business can provide me with the knowledge – and the willingness to take risks – that I need to succeed in the business world.

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