A Computer

Describe an intellectual or creative activity for which you feel special passion and commitment, and explain how that activity has affected you.

My grandfather unknowingly helped define who I am today when he gifted me with a computer ten years ago. I am certain that he could not fully understand how that technology worked, but I believe he had a vision about how important this gift would be. I developed a passion for technology as I explored my first computer, researching its capabilities and learning to solve different problems. This passion quickly grew into a devotion to helping others understand technology and solve technological problems. In middle school I assisted teachers with computer-related problems, ranging from fixing unresponsive printers to recovering deleted documents. I am proud to say that multiple teachers from my middle school have and continue to recognize me as a “legend” of the school. In high school I continued to assist others who faced difficulties. In freshman year two different school service organizations, Key Club and Agmen Christi, asked me to design and maintain websites where their members could easily find club information. I have devoted my time mostly to Key Club, where my work helped me rise to the executive position of Editor. My talents have also played a key role in other school organizations. I am currently Editor-in-Chief of The Lyre, a student literary and art magazine. An important responsibility of my position is constructing the publication on a computer. I am also involved in the Yearbook, where I have enjoyed designing pages as well as helping other members discover new ways to use the program. My passion for technology led to me being recognized as a “computer guru” at the junior year Awards Ceremony, and I was awarded Caltech’s Signature Award and the University of Rochester’s Xerox Award for my technological abilities. A recent job offer has reinforced my desire to pursue a college degree in engineering and technology. My proficiency with technology is also a source of personal satisfaction because I have the opportunity to assist others who may find this field intimidating.

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