Why George Washington University

What most influenced you to apply to the George Washington University?

With my French books in hand and my camera slung across my shoulder, I stroll down the narrow street to photography class. Students relax in the alley next to the building, avoiding the scorching Parisian heat. I sit on the curb as we lunch on sandwiches and discuss the summer. We collectively decide that spending five weeks in Paris has been quite the experience, and nobody is anxious to return home. Our conversation shifts to college, and although some of us will not be attending for another two years, we discuss various schools and possible majors. Someone remarks that he would like to attend college in Washington D.C. because it reminds him of Paris, and I speak up. George Washington University, I tell him, is in a perfect location. I first became interested in it after a junior class trip to DC, where I realized how magnificent the city was and how ideal the university’s location is. As I studied GW more, I found out about the excellent arts and science curriculum through which I hope to broaden my perspectives, hone my analytical reading skills, and examine different cultures. I add that GW seems full of well-rounded students who are prepared for interaction with society, and that the possibility for exciting discussions seems ripe. GW also takes full advantage of its resources, employing well-trained teachers and presenting students with a wide array of classes and activities. Finally, I tell the group, George Washington University also offers a myriad of high quality internships, which allows students to explore their interests and experience working before graduating from college. I can already picture myself training with a doctor at the University Hospital, learning new information and confirming my interest in becoming a physician. As other colleges are discussed, we agree that study abroad is something we all plan to do in order to further immerse ourselves in various cultures. I also want to continue volunteering, and at GW there are many opportunities available to get involved. The proximity of the Allegheny Mountains excites those of us who live to ski. I begin to point out that George Washington University was the first school to admit women, but the door suddenly opens and our photography teacher welcomes us inside.

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