Honors students are expected to focus on areas of personal growth, in interculturalcommunication, service, research, entrepreneurship, and leadership. Knowing this expectation, please tell us why you want to be in the Honors Program and what unique skills and talents you will bring to the Program.

I spent much of my adolescence in Arcadia; a world illumined by artificial suns. There, people eschewed costly ‘real’ clothing for digitally enhanced ‘shifts’, government propaganda was broadcast hourly onto illusionary blue skies, and one could read the mind of kith and kin, much like a radio tunes in to the frequency of a nearby station. I painted pictures so vivid that that the images persisted in my mind’s eye even when I ceased to put pen to paper.

Arcadia was my fictional depiction of a future society. It allowed me to explore some of my most pressing concerns regarding socio-cultural and economic development, as well as how these may be affected by technological advances. However, Arcadia was a world that I solely inhabited. I have come to realize that great ideas are brought to fruition in the midst of great company. I believe that my unfettered curiosity regarding natural potentials will blossom in an environment where there are no moulds to speak of, let alone prime oneself to think ‘out of’. Therefore, I seek to join a community of scholars with similarly varied and perhaps paradoxical interests.

As a young African, I also aim to bring the African perspective to the table of discussions which address globally prevalent issues. Haven overcome my own conflict regarding my dual Nigerian and Irish nationalities, I am capable of harmonizing contrasting cultures. I envision creating bona fide opportunities for students to witness the economic, political,and climatic changes which are sweeping across Africa and the world. I also anticipate forming an international network of alumni and business owners who will provide mentorship opportunities to entrepreneurs in LEDCs. Above all, I have learnt that a proactive mind-set and great further education is the propeller of my ambitions and look forward to partaking of and contributing to the rich atmosphere of the Honors Program,to become a highly impactful engineer.

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