Describe a Nickname that you have and its origins

I’m not a piece of chocolate encased in a colorful shell, nor do I enjoy popping those suckers in my mouth, as I am more of a caramel guy. However, M&M stuck to me like Elmer’s extra strength glue and became a nickname that defined my presence among my colleagues. It all began when I approached the front of the immense brick building on Cuttermill Road for the first time. I removed my newly developed key-fob from my leather wallet, unlocked the glass door, and entered the downstairs lounge. “Who are you?” questioned a slightly balding man who peeled his eyes from his newspaper when he glanced at me. “Hiya. I’m Jonny Monahemi. I just swore in yesterday,” I replied excitedly. “Ahhhhhhh, you’re Matt’s brother. Welcome to the Vigilant Fire Company. I’m Steven Blocker. You’ll be seeing me on almost every call, so it’s great to meet you now. By the way, we can’t have two Monahemis in the Department; it’ll just get confusing. So, I’ll just call you “M&M” for “Mini Monahemi.” Oh, and by the way, you have a lot to live up to, my friend.” He was right.

As the brother of the Sergeant at Arms and youngest Paramedic in Department history, I had a legacy full of expectations thrown onto my shoulders. Instead of basking in the inherited fame, I put my head down and got to work, utilizing the intense training that I had completed and my continued commitment that I have devoted thus far to prove my worthiness. It might be time-consuming, physically demanding, and emotionally stressful; however, becoming an active firefighter and EMT-trainee enhances my everyday life. Nothing satisfies my soul more than answering the call to duty with Matthew because the euphoric feeling of saving a life multiplies while performing CPR with my brother, my best friend and my mentor. We are the dynamic duo of the fire department, always performing our tasks with mastery and complementing each other on the job. Although many people despise living within the shadow of their siblings, I actually embrace my nickname and my role. His presence has made my experience within the fire service more meaningful and more enjoyable, thus adding the sweet and creamy taste that crafts an M&M.

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