The Sculpting of my Psyche

Describe your intellectual interests, their evolution, and what makes them exciting to you.

My fascination with foreign affairs can be traced to a series of experiences in my childhood. Coming of age in New York City, I have been privy to many experiences which would have remained foreign to me had I grown up in suburbia. En route to my preschool, I strolled past the United Nations on a regular basis, and I remember being fascinated by the patterns of the world’s flags and the vivid native dress of the African delegations. As a strong-willed first grader, I would consistently plant myself on the classroom bean bag and stare at a map of the political world. The map was beyond my physical reach, thus I could not see the minutiae representing rural farming villages and Polynesian island nations. However, national capitals were written in a bold and imposing font, and were always marked by a crisply-pointed star. I was soon able to proudly recite the capitals of countless nations from Argentina to Zimbabwe. Amidst the crunching sounds of Count Chocula cereal, I consistently defeated my challengers during snack time geography games. My family life has also cultivated my deep appreciation for other peoples and nations. When I was a yung child, my mother’s job at a travel agency allowed me to witness the world firsthand. I saw exotic architecture, cuisine, and lifestyles, from the Grand Place of Brussels to the bewildering, buzzing bazaars of Istanbul, and gained a strong desire to expand upon my touristic experience. Furthermore, my family’s gatherings have always featured intellectual discussions regarding everything from the Oslo Accords to the long-term ramifications of Reaganomics. My parents grew up in Israel, and thus conversation was often geared towards the Middle East. I was browsing through the pages of the Jerusalem Post at an early age, and by doing so obtained a greater fluency on issues facing Israel. As a young adult in New York City, it is commonplace for me to discuss the civil unrest in France with a waiter at the corner bistro or listen to a Pakistani cab driver expound upon the strained relationship between Muslims and Jews. These formative experiences constantly stimulate my desire to further comprehend the intricacies of the geopolitical arena; they have readied me for my future forays in diplomacy, working specifically on behalf of Israel as well as on broader issues affecting the world stage.

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