The Magnetism of Labor Studies

Consider the academic programs in the school/college you indicated above. How will you utilize them to further explore your intended major or field of interest, or general academic interests if you’re undecided?

The School of Industrial and Labor Relations truly beckons me. It combines my fascination for government and politics with the labor issues of our era. Courses incorporating public policy and law–in which I will dissect issues such as the civility of the American minimum wage–will enhance my comprehension of government interaction with both the corporate chieftain and common toiler. The school’s emphasis on the international workplace, exemplified by classes such as “International Labor Law” and “Labor in Global Cities,” coalesces with my fascination for foreign affairs, and will prepare me for a career in global diplomacy–working specifically to ease tensions between management and its employees. By taking such classes, I will be able to understand workers in both Brooklyn and Bhutan. The school’s training in dispute resolution will improve my social and analytical abilities, and will make me a more apt person – both personally and professionally. Furthermore, the courses of the School of Industrial and Labor Relations engage in ageless debates that have long intrigued me, such as socialism vs. capitalism, labor vs. management, and whether universal healthcare is a feasible goal. Cornell is a demanding institution known for its considerable workload–I see this as a challenge that I am more than willing to engage. Succeeding in the rigorous courses of the ILR School will hone my skills in writing, organization, critical thinking, and time management. Thus, I will leave Cornell as a generally more cultivated person with the ability to triumph over challenges as they arise.

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