Life Drawing

Open-ended essay on a subject of your choice.

It’s electric really, the feeling I get when I know what I want to do to the paper. It’s even better when I have the pencil in my hand, loaded with lead, and with plenty of eraser (I’ll be using both extensively). It’s the thing that makes me feel better than anything else. I know I can make the image in my head a reality. Two state-level art competition winning ribbons tell me someone else agrees. Drawing has been a part of me ever since before I can remember. When I place that graphite onto the page, the pencil and the paper become a part of me. They tell me when something is wrong. They allow me to display emotion. It’s hard to describe the feeling of completeness I receive when I create, take away, give life, place, time, purpose, and meaning to thin fibrous sheets and molecules of graphite. I can look at a real-life situation, and I draw from it the emotion, the minor and major details; the inspiration. Does this mean I draw everything? No. It means that I look for all angles and that I am an observer. When I know enough about the situation, I then become a contributor. It’s not just a doctrine I live by for my art, but for life in general. There is no limit on ways one can do artwork. There is no mathematical equation that explains creativity or inspiration. When it comes to the basic and true meaning of art; it’s not a numbers game. And in a world where we base most of our decisions off of statistics, I find art to be an escape. It isn’t a hobby. It isn’t a weekend job. It’s my life. I see art, or the aspects of art, in everything I do; every decision I make. I find it interesting now that this is no longer a conscious decision I make. It has become a primal part of my being. Art inspires me. In turn, I want to inspire others with art. I’ll feel the flow in my mind as I pour onto that lifeless paper what defines humanity: emotion. It’s a stream of feeling and emotion and inspiration cascading from my brain down into my nerves, and branching off into the muscles that move my hands and fingers. The reason I’m letting myself open up, and become vulnerable to the paper’s influence, is because I know that the effort is worth it, and I have thought out how best to complete the tasks I set for myself. I know what kind of pencils I’ll need; I’ll know the eraser’s effect on this particular paper…all angles analyzed. When I make a decision to make an art piece, it’s because I know it will fit what I need, and it will help me in doing exactly what it was I set out to do.

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