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Design your own course that fits the block schedule at CC

Believe it or not, I’ve already designed my own course. It is my school’s first ever film production class. When structuring the syllabus, I had to pack everything into one hour and twenty minute classes that happened every other day. Creating a class that went for 3 and a half weeks straight would be a dream. If I could design my own course at Colorado College, it would be a mix of film making and marketing strategy. Students would select a local business to focus on and work with in order to ultimately design a marketing plan for them and create a short video advertisement. The first week would be an introduction to marketing, probably based off of the curriculum from the Consumer Marketing course. Students would learn what appeals to the consumer of their specific business. They would do independent research about the area geographic of Colorado their business is in. The data they collected would inform what methods of marketing would be effective for their customer demographic. By conducting surveys, researching, doing interviews, and analyzing data, each student would solidify their knowledge surrounding customer demographics and previous advertisement successes and failures of the business. Throughout the first week, students would be practicing outreach skills by communicating and meeting with their chosen business owners. Into the second week, the students would participate in an abridged version of the Basic Filmmaking course. They would be able to combine the skills they learned in the consumer marketing portion in order to create an appealing and effective advertisement. With everything from the choice of music to the composition of each shot, students would learn about the subconscious psychological effect videos have on viewers. Students would then storyboard the type of video advertisement they would believe would be most effective. Again, they would continue to work with their business and get a clear vision of what they need to create to reach out to their targeted demographic. After acquiring basic filmmaking skills, the last week and a half would be spent meeting with business owners, filming, editing, and creating a business plan for future advertising strategies to present to their businesses. By the end of the three and a half weeks, students will have created and presented an advertisement with purpose and an intended audience, and designed a plan for their business on how to grow and maintain customer interest. This course would be a fantastic combination of strategy, creativity, and practice in communication skills in the real world.

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