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How did you learn about CC and why do you wish to attend (500)

After months of planning and excitement we said our goodbyes, packed our packs, loaded our canoes, and took the first paddle strokes in remote northern Saskatchewan. We spent the next 30 days paddling over 375 miles through untouched Canadian wilderness, carrying nine packs, 500 pounds of food and an undying sense of adventure. The five girls who accompanied me on the trip quickly transitioned from strangers to family as we immersed ourselves in the experience.

When I heard about Colorado College from Hannah Willstein, a friend, trip leader, and CC alumni, I couldn’t help but draw parallels between my trip and CC. Upon further research, I found even more similarities between the two and became excited at the prospect of attending a university that reminded me of such a wonderful life experience.

The most striking similarity between CC and my 30 days in Canada is CC’s learning environment. The block plan allows for a fully immersive learning experience, where students are encouraged to delve deeply into a topic and truly explore its inner workings, while at other universities they are forced to spread themselves across many subject areas at one time.The block plan also allows for a hands-on learning experience. Student’s can leave campus for a week to do field study or observe court processes. The options are limitless when it comes to opportunities for students to learn outside of the classroom. Both my trip and CC encourage experiential learning free from distraction, a truly progressive and ingenious way to study.

Another similarity is the encouragement of creativity. In Canada, we were always prompted to find new solutions, to problem-solve proactively. At CC, there is a thirst for new knowledge and a culture of creativity, a culture I would love to be a part of. Students being able to run their own research projects with Keller Venture Grants as one exciting way individuals can take control of their own learning.

During the thirty days I spent paddling through Canada, I grew a lot more than just arm muscles: I grew immensely as a student, friend and human. I would be thrilled to have the opportunity to continue that growth at Colorado College.

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