Strong-Willed, Introspective, Curious

We want to get to know you better. What are three words that your best friend would use to describe you and why?

Three words that my best friend would use to describe me are strong-willed, introspective, and curious. Strong-willed is fitting because I know what I believe in and what is important to me. Anyone from my United States History class who saw my lengthy paper on the mistreatment of women during WWII could attest to this. My inclination to defend what is right is part of the reason I want to major in English with a minor in Women’s Studies. I want to educate myself and others about an issue I feel passionate about and contribute to the betterment of the world.

This desire also spurs from a goal of mine that I have had throughout high school — to better myself as well, which is where “introspective” comes from. I like to constantly examine my motivations and think about how I affect the people around me, individually and in communities.

Finally, my best friend and others who know me would surely state “curious” as one of my most central personality traits. I am always looking to discover new things: new books, music, places, and experiences. At school and otherwise, I am consistently searching for ways to broaden my interests, which leads to many opportunities that might not have presented themselves otherwise.

Colgate seems to be the ideal environment for these traits to thrive. The passionate student body, academic rigor, and plethora of activities offered will allow me to continue learning amongst peers and professors who share my goals.

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