Future Recommendation

It is spring of 2007 and you have asked your faculty adviser to write a letter of recommendation that describes your impact on the Colgate community. Please write that letter.

To Whom It May Concern:[full name] selected Colgate because he believed a large liberal arts college would allow him to explore many fields of study, while the strong community service program would afford unlimited opportunities to continue his volunteer activities. Through hard work and determination, he accomplished both of these goals, making exceptionally productive use of his four years at Colgate.[name]’s passion for law and public service was cemented through his participation in the Colgate Washington Study Group, where he interned at the House of Representatives. There, he distinguished himself by creating a new web page for constituent service, allowing constituents to obtain direct access to a wide range of information on federal programs and services.[name]’s greatest contribution, however, was as a participant in our community service program, establishing a new community outreach project to families of cancer patients. His personal insight and upbeat personality proved invaluable in the creation of a peer-counseling group for children of cancer patients. Dozens of families were helped through this program.In short, [name] left his mark on the college and on the surrounding community, and I am confident that he will continue to make us proud as he embarks upon his career in public service.

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