Cultural Revolution

Dodge College of Film and Media Arts Supplement (Television and Broadcast Journalism)Write about an event of experience in you life in the form of a news story or event.

This is Jane Doe, coming to you live on the scene of Cultural Revolution. And this is the story:It could have been my father and I listening to The Beatles on our annual car ride to Disneyland or the fact that both my parents were children of 1960s; I have always gravitated towards progressivism, social change, and cultural revolution. My dream job: to be on the front lines absorbing it, living it, and reporting it. As the second decade of the new millennium approaches, a global network of countries finds itself in the throes of disputes in the Middle East, economic turbulence, and heightened environmental awareness. As Bob Dylan best puts it, “the times they are a changin’.”Access to information fuels change. As a democracy, the United States strives to make information readily available to all citizens willing to listen critically and discuss solutions to a new generation’s problems. Be it oil, gold, or hydroflourocarbons, a world of snail mail and microfiche has become a hyper-paced world of new developments, new research, and new answers.I like to dream big. So I ask, why not be an American correspondent for the BBC, CNN, MSNBC? Why not be the young woman ahead of the curve, hunting down the latest news with expansive resources and deliver what matters to hard working citizens? Is it time to fight or make peace with our competitors? Is it time to save or to invest our hard earned dollars? Is it time to use a reusable shopping bag or continue to keep the florescent night lights on all night? Only with information can the decisions that affect our lives be made.Cultural studies inspire me. To interview the next Jackson Pollock or Andy Warhol or to explore the beautiful inner workings of communal cultures such as the Zulu tribe of South Africa would be a fascinating task. Together, my viewers and I would all learn about a culture outside our own, gain a fresh perspective on life and a beautiful spectacle of the human condition. With any hope, the story could inspire others, myself included, to build a tolerance and understanding for peoples.The impact of media shapes public opinion. I find it essential to report the facts within the context of a culture. For instance, if a study shows that drinking 60 ounces of water per day is vital to one’s health, it should also be mentioned that the crude oil used in one plastic water bottle is equal to the energy of leaving a light bulb switched on all day. Let the viewers weigh the pros and cons of each opinion and come to a moderate conclusion. My dream is to deliver the facts with enough impact to make people stand in front of their televisions, radio, or computer to provoke a thought. A thought towards positive change. The training starts here: Dodge College provides an array of resources in the realms of film and media arts, including professors with terminating degrees and work experience, while still maintaining the charm of a smaller liberal arts interconnected school. The teachers develop relationships with their students and give opportunities to gain career experience through internships. Not only would Dodge allow me to hone the skills essential to broadcast journalism, it would grant a sense of community vital to the learning process as a whole, as well as an unforgettable college experience tailored to my specific major. I feel that honest reporting and outstanding opportunities wait at Dodge College and would be honored to participate in its curriculum.

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