An Unforgettable Summer

Write about a memorable/significant experience. What came first, science or technology?” asked a tall and husky figure, who was dressed in an unbuttoned and rather threadbare lab coat. My initial response was science because I reasoned that technology was the application of science. An articulated voice from the back of the room, however, soon refuted … Read moreAn Unforgettable Summer

Challenge and Complexity

What do you imagine your future at Vanderbilt to hold? At Vanderbilt, I want to let my entrepreneurial thoughts run free. I have developed a successful business that provides a service to the community, and I love the challenges that entrepreneurship presents. I also find questions of efficiency, decision-making, and strategy fascinating. I plan on … Read moreChallenge and Complexity

Of Talking Ravens and Curious Cinephiles

Topic of your choice. “Surrealism is embedded in the everyday, in the daily experience” — Katharine Conley It seems fitting for me to transform every moment or thought into a film screened inside my head. Cinema is my life, and guides me beyond my life. I rise from reality and I’m cast into a limitless … Read moreOf Talking Ravens and Curious Cinephiles