The Puzzle

This was the common app question from the 2006-2007 application period. “Peux-j’aller à… el baño? No… Me Permite ir…à la toilette? No…” My head spun, my bladder throbbed and my voice stuttered in some incomprehensible, newly invented language. Regretting all the water I drank at morning swim practice, I attempted to separate the French and … Read more The Puzzle

Why Macalester is the right college for me

What factors have led you to consider Macalester College? Why do you believe it may be a good match and what do you believe you can add to the Mac community, academically and personally? Feel free to draw on past experiences, and use concrete examples to support your perspective. The name Kofi Annan formed my … Read more Why Macalester is the right college for me