The Conquest of Gaul

“Leadership is a constant theme and emphasis at CMC. In fact, one of the ways we describe CMC students is “Leaders in the Making.” Identify and discuss a person, fictional or nonfictional, who has helped shape culture and thought. You may select someone from any field: literature, the arts, science, politics. history, ahtletics, business, education, … Read more The Conquest of Gaul

Analysis of Thomas Paine’s Common Sense

This question, specifically requested by Claremont McKenna College, explores the impact Thomas Paine, as a revolutionary and a great leader, had on American history with his essay “Common Sense”. Of all the founding fathers in America’s history, few have played a role equaling the paramount importance of Thomas Paine, and few have been so repeatedly … Read more Analysis of Thomas Paine’s Common Sense

The Fall of Icarus and the Rise of Spirit

Describe a book, play, composition, poem, scientific discovery, technical achievement, myth, historic event or work of art that has inspired and intrigued you. You can assume we are familiar with the plot and details; instead, tell us what it means for you personally. A single pair of legs, kicking up from the ocean. Kicking up … Read more The Fall of Icarus and the Rise of Spirit

General Washington – A True Leader

Please compose an analytical essay on the topic of ‘leadership.’ Throughout the American Revolution, John Adams often humbly remarked, “We are ordinary men living in extraordinary times.” Due to his modest nature, Mr. Adams most likely believed his statement to be true. However, I must disagree with Mr. Adams. The Founding Fathers were not ordinary … Read more General Washington – A True Leader

Ferris Bueller…..You’re My Hero.

Pick a person, real or fictional, from art, literature, history etc., and discuss how she/he has shaped culture and thought. Ask any high school student about the John Hughes film Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, and you’ll find that this mid-eighties teeny bopper flick still has kids hooked. Matthew Broderick stars as Ferris, the rebellious teenager … Read more Ferris Bueller…..You’re My Hero.