Statement of Purpose

“Your artist’s statement should discuss your goals and their relationship to your past experience, as well as evidence of your interest in performance based design whether in theater, film, installation, writing or other related forms.” Last summer, while aurally interpreting the script of Lorca’s ‘Yerma’, my biggest challenge was bringing to life the ‘shepherd’s horn … Read moreStatement of Purpose

Brandeis: The Pinnacle of my Collegiate Desires

Why Do you Think Brandeis University Would be a Good Place for you to Receive a College Education? Brandeis University’s international prestige, reputation for academic excellence, appealing location, and familial social environment compel me to seek acceptance to the university. Offering a wide range of courses, Brandeis University is an institution where I can pursue … Read moreBrandeis: The Pinnacle of my Collegiate Desires

Speaking through a Deck of Cards

Wislawa Szymborska said, “You can find the entire cosmos lurking in its least remarkable objects.” Help us see something ordinary in an extraordinary light. ‘And voilá my amigos! All four beautiful queens.’ I reveal the top four cards of the deck with a thin smirk. The kids simultaneously call out ‘Show us more! Show us … Read moreSpeaking through a Deck of Cards