My Two Passions

Please submit a one-page, single-spaced essay that explains why you have chosen your major, department or program.

As a young aficionado of poetry and prose, I would love to develop my skills through a disciplined and distinguished writing program; Carnegie Mellon’s College of Humanities & Social Sciences offers just that. Believing one must be a great reader before becoming a great writer, I indulge in books of every genre to expand my range of knowledge, and I think this has made writing my forte. The Bachelor of Arts in Creative Writing offered by the English department at CMU offers a similar range, with a curriculum comprised of fiction, screen writing, playwriting, nonfiction, and poetry. The faculty and students alike of the Creative Writing major improve each other’s abilities by utilizing extensive critique in workshops. Although I have had the honor of being granted international, national, and state awards for my writing, there is still much I can learn from fellow writers. These workshops allow classmates to feed off each other’s strengths in a mutually beneficial connection. With as renowned and accomplished a group of professors as at Carnegie Mellon, students are more equipped than ever to succeed in academia as well as in the real world. They also have the opportunity to work one-on-one with talented professors to complete an honors thesis. Carnegie Mellon’s Creative Writing program is an ideal setting in which to improve writing skills, not only because of its talented professors, but also because of its Gladys Schmitt Creative Writing Center. This facility serves as an indispensable resource for students and teachers. Although reading and writing are two of my most prized pursuits, my interests extend even farther, and I enjoy learning about many other subjects with equal gusto. One example of a different focus is the business field, and consequently I am drawn to the renowned Tepper School of Business. During the summer before my junior year, I studied alongside college students in a Pre-College Program at Johns Hopkins University. One of the classes I attended was Introduction to Business. As a businessman himself, my father had encouraged me to enroll in this course. At first I was skeptical, but soon the fascinating material captured my attention. Not only did we learn about the history of business, but also about the numerous aspects of business in the modern world. Excelling in the class and engaging in one-on-one discussions with the professor, I absorbed knowledge like a thirsty sponge. One part of the Tepper School of Business that I would love to be a part of is its undergraduate business program. Because of the multitude of business fields and opportunities, I think that the provided academic advisors at the Tepper School can certainly help students find appropriate focuses for their studies, according to their strong suits. The Tepper School of Business also serves as a great resource for participating in study abroad programs and internships, which would enrich my education to a great extent by allowing me to apply what I learn in class to the real world. After completing a Bachelor’s degree in the undergraduate business program, I would like to enroll in the Tepper MBA program to continue my learning process. My love of language and communication draws me particularly to Public Relations or another area of business relating to involving oneself with people.

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