My Passions

Why have you chosen to apply to the Carnegie Mellon College of Science?

I have chosen to apply to the Carnegie Mellon College of Science, the Mathematical Science department, because I have a passion for learning that I want to apply to mathematical principles as they pertain to modern internet security. It is my goal to receive an undergraduate degree in Mathematics, and then continue on to receive a doctorate concentrating on cryptography as applied to internet security. I have many other passions in addition to math, the most significant ones being film-making and athletics, but I will stick to discussing those two though, in consideration of your time and my one page limit.I love to learn. That’s a simple statement, but it’s true. Regardless of the subject, I take pleasure in acquiring knowledge. This is especially true in mathematics. I love the problem solving aspect of math, my favorite problems being those that closely mirror real-life applications of the concepts being taught. It excites me to be able to figure out problems that professionals in that field do every day. Specifically, cryptography interests me because the whole field is dedicated to creating, testing, and critiquing a big “puzzle” of sorts. Since I want to continue into this field, mathematics would be the best major. This is the main reason for applying to the Mathematical Science department. It isn’t the only reason however. I have always liked math, and have shown that throughout my high school career. Currently taking a Linear Algebra course through Stanford’s EPGY curriculum, I very much enjoy the aspect of solving multiple linear equations via matrix manipulation. It is very much like a puzzle, and if math at that high of a level can still be fun, and in some ways more fun than early math was, I am confident that I will continue to enjoy math for the duration of my college career.My goals to receive an undergraduate degree along with a doctorate are fairly long-term goals. However, because of my passion to learn, I am truly looking forward to the journey to a doctorate. Part of this journey includes making sure my undergrad degree is a solid foundation for my graduate work, which can only be achieved at a high-caliber university. Carnegie Mellon will help make that goal a reality, which is why I am applying. The reasons for my goal of receiving a doctorate mainly revolve around my desire to learn as well. The idea of a long-term research project on a topic of choice is one that I think would be immensely exciting and challenging, but also quite fun.Mathematics isn’t my whole life, however. I have many, many other interests that I actively pursue. One of my other passions is any athletic activity. I love to be active, and have been a two-sport athlete my entire high school career, playing both football and baseball. In addition to playing these, I have lifted weights my entire time in high school, including summer lifting and conditioning for football. Another passion that I have just recently found is film making. I enjoy it as a very different outlet for my creativity than I have previously had. As a sample of some of my work, I have put some videos on my YouTube account, which can be accessed at passion for learning, which I will focus on mathematical principles, is the driving force behind my submission of an application to the Carnegie Mellon College of Science, Mathematical Science department. Thank you for your time and consideration.

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