Statement of Purpose

Statement of Purpose, Master’s in Public Administration

It’s no secret that millennials want to change the world; an entire generation of young men and women who have been told repeatedly that they have the capacity to accomplish whatever they set their minds to. They are raised to be cognizant of global issues, to have compassion for those who suffer, and are instilled with a passion to leave the world a better place. Millennials have been taught that through positive change, one can find meaning and wellness in life. As a millennial myself, I embrace the philosophy of my generation, and hope to align it with my professional life. However, the path towards a meaningful career does not always manifest itself in the most clear of ways.

After graduating from California State University East Bay in the spring of 2013, I was left with the monumental task of determining my life’s singular passion, and then somehow turning that passion into a career. Degree in hand, I did as most undergrads do: returned to the part-time job I held throughout college, working as a head lifeguard at Pleasanton’s public aquatic center. As a lifeguard and swim teacher I was able to impact the lives of children and adults alike, and helped to provide services to the community that many would not normally have access to. I thrived as a leader, and felt a direct sense of ownership within the city in which I worked. As I began to reflect on my place in the organization, I realized that perhaps that my life’s passion had found me before I had found it. Finally, a path became clear.

In July of 2014, I was hired full-time as a Senior Recreation Program Specialist in the Marketing division for the City of Pleasanton. I brought to the position a unique set of skills: written proficiency and a strong sense of analysis from my undergraduate degree in English, technological expertise gained through a lifelong passion for graphic design and computer programming, and a thorough understanding of community outreach learned during my time working within the community. In my current position, I pride myself on consistently finding more efficient ways to reach the goals of the department. I implemented a new streamlined editing and revision process for our major publications, and overhauled our department-wide hourly employee tracking system. I’ve successfully lobbied to incorporate new technologies into our programs and services, including overseeing the implementation of a new online public art system. I’ve collaborated directly with several division supervisors to help them create new brand-identities for their programs, giving them a competitive edge against their private sector counterparts.

With a Masters Degree in Public Administration, I would hope to develop my personal philosophies further and discover new, unique ways to combine technology and community to produce top-quality programs and services. Once reaching management levels, I would make greater efforts to streamline procedures that have become stagnate over time, and waste resources that inhibit planned progress. My ultimate goal is to help implement a city-hood for the unincorporated area of Castro Valley, my hometown; to help provide the citizens of the region a voice as to how the future of their community should be shaped, and provide the youth and adults with the same programs and services that are afforded to the citizens of their surrounding areas.

Although my career path has not always been clear, my desire to bring positive change to the world has. With a Master’s Degree in Public Administration from California State University East Bay, I would be able to continue to grow as a public servant, and pursue my career goals to bring innovation and creativity to the public sector.

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