Books I Love

Please list three books, along with their authors, that have been particularly meaningful to you. For each book, please include a sentence explaining their influence upon you (200 characters max). Please note that your response is not limited to math, science or school-assigned texts.

Book 1: Jurassic Park

This was the first book I read that combined math with action and portrayed the mathematician as a hero, which made me hopeful about my professional future—but did give me unusual, dinosaur-infested nightmares.

Book 2: Der Struwwelpeter.

When I visited my grandmother when I was younger, she taught me to read and speak some German using this book, which she’d had as a child. It’s creative, cautionary, and gruesome.

Book 3: The Annotated Alice

I’ve read this book so much it’s falling apart; it’s more Annotation than Alice, full of math facts, chess metaphors, and literary analysis. It started me reading even childish books analytically.

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